Having Some Fun With the Craig's List Scammers

This afternoon, an email arrived "Is your item still for sale?" The hinky-meter was going off, but I responded that it was. This was the email I got back:

Definitely a scammer. As I'm not in the mood to deal with scammers, this is what I fired back:

Ed likes the fact that I'm being extremely snarky to the scammer.

So much for a sale, but it feels good to cut down a guy trying to swindle people.


JW said…
Only way you could make such a thing sweeter is if you were on the phone with them and played their game to a point. Then you confront them for the scam they are pulling and see how long it is before they hang up. BUSTED!!!!!!!! I bet you don't get a reply back on the email?
ligirl said…
Bravo!!! :-)

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