Crossing the Finish Line

Early this morning, I turned in my last assignment for the semester. An hour later, the grade came back and I secured another A for the semester and did what I accomplished something I did not expect this semester: I got a 4.0.

Grad school is supposed to be more challenging. I suppose it is, but life was far more challenging than school has been this semester. It probably boils down to finally learning how to use programs that I had been exposed to for many years, but didn't have the money to invest in my own copies.

With all the stuff going on with Jane, in February, I was convinced that I'd probably end the semester with two B's and an A. Definitely respectable, but not what a grade junkie really wants. By the numbers, if you're wondering, a 99, 92.2 and 100.

Here and there, I run into friends who are finishing up their undergrad and they're curious. "Is grad school as hard as they make it out to be?" It definitely depends on what you're studying and how passionate you are about the subject. Last year sometime, a staffer on that campus told me that she found graduate studies easier, because she didn't have to take classes in things that didn't interest her. After a semester, I have to agree with that opinion.


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