CND Shellac's Purple Purple

As far as the new CND Shellac colors go, I'm really happy. Many more people commented on the Black Pool/Iced Coral combo that gave me Bulls Green nails for back to school, but I got quite a few comments about how pretty the Hotski to Tchotcke looked.

Personally, it was my favorite color yet. The fact that I wore several shirts in the two weeks that matched my nails nearly perfectly kind of bears out how much I love blue and teal things.
So, my first look at the Purple Purple on all the websites was "that's nice, but not nearly as nice as that teal."

Then Katie showed it to me when I got my nails done last time. It has an iridescent sheen that doesn't really show up in the photographs I've seen. After seeing the color as it comes out of the bottle, I knew it would be today's choice. And wow, does it stand out.

In an awesome, my nails look like they've got liquid neon painted on them way. It's not super dark, more like a plum, but it stands out under the fluorescent work lights and in sunlight. The home picture doesn't show that up-but it does give you a good idea about the metallic effect.

I'll do my best to get some pictures up the nails in sunlight and see if the glowing purple can be captured in a digital image. If I did pedicures, this one would be the first choice for the toenails.

Don't expect me to put that boring gray cement color on my nails, though. I really like what CND does with this Shellac line (and how much healthier my nails look when we take an old manicure off), but that color is just too boring for this technicolor world.

I'm thinking I'm going for Black Pool with Negligee over it for a nice cobalt blue...


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