Sign of the Times

In tonight's web programming class, the TA put some important coding on the board. He asked us to come up to the board to see what he had written, so that he could explain it step by step.

I walked up, digital recorder in hand, as I'd asked the first day of class to record. Also in hand: my iPhone. I figured I would take pictures of the code and then transfer it over to a Word doc tomorrow. So, as TA spoke, I got several pictures of the white board, including the changes he made through the process of explaining Arrays.

The book suggests putting Array codes in line, but the TA prefers putting them in the header, because it makes for cleaner HTML coding. I have to say that I like his way better, because it will make it easier to debug.

When we were done, I go to return to my seat and the professor asks "When you get a chance, would you post those to the discussion board?" So, the idea to take the pictures, instead of being an annoyance, was viewed as a positive, and a fellow classmate laughed at my use of technology to work FOR me.

Hey, whatever helps me remember this stuff, I'm using it. Except tattoos. I don't think I'll need a permanent reminder of JavaScript codes!


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