My Magazine Collection, Let Me Show You

All but two of the magazines that someone ordered for my family are shown below. I couldn't find Guitar World, but a salesperson told me they were sold out. I was tired of looking, so I didn't track down Harper's Bazaar.

Yep, 15 magazines, and new invoices every day. It is getting freaking old, especially since these choices are just so weird.

Anyone who has ever met the four of us knows that the teen and pre teen could care less about fashion.

Same goes for me, I mean, seriously? I wear Crocs!

Look at this guy, then look at the picture of me at the top of this page. Really, does this look like something I would aspire to? (I like six packs of Shock Top, not muscles)
Retch, cough, puke. I'm thinking that this magazine is Home Interiors on steroids. Blech.
I have a Shape, it is round. Most of the effort required to get a similar shape to the cover model would put me in serious Chiari pain and a possible trip to Hawaii for that leg surgery.
When I found out about this one today, I commented that the jerk who has been ordering these magazines does not realize that my temper is its own special weapon.
No, Ed just got a Harley, he does NOT need to look at cars.
Me? Field and Stream? Are you barking mad?
Once again, me? I repeat, I WEAR CROCS.
Ed said he'd love to get bikini clad Danica Patrick pictures, but I told him he can go on their website and get the cheap thrills without rotting brain cells.
Sculpt my perfect six pack? I already said I like Shock Top!
The only magazine out of the fifteen that even made the slightest sense.

So, now I've wasted about four hours canceling magazines. When Chef needed new sneakers, we went to the other side of town to Famous Footwear and the lone bookstore in our county (and they're proud that they're the only one-not thinking about what it says about our literacy rates). All 15 magazines can be purchased here.

Considering that the feedback is that they've received blown in cards to order the subscriptions, I'm thinking someone just walked from one end of the 100' magazine wall to the other, grabbing most of these because they were in the front.



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