Immaturity has reared it's ugly head around here.

The other night, I returned home from class and found invoices for four magazines, selections for Ed, me and Game Teen. None of them were ordered by us and the choices were head scratchers. Details for Game Teen, when he doesn't have much cognizance of music and movies that would interest his peers, a gym rat tome for me, Guitar World (for me) and Men's Health for Ed. He's a big guy, and that was just not a right fight, even if he'd set out to get magazines. He hadn't.

So, he set about cancel these choices via emails. He got responses back that two more magazines had been ordered for Game Teen: Vogue and Teen Vogue. Okay, this is not funny, the child on the autism spectrum is being sent these?

Today, a response from the company that I'd contacted to cancel a magazine to find that Shape had been ordered for me and another magazine for Ed. And then a Fine Cooking magazine showed up for Chef. (Why does he get the one that makes sense?). I'm wondering what tomorrow's mail will bring, and not in that excited, maybe something good will be in it feeling you get when you're a kid.

It's not funny.

The person who thought it was funny is in for a rude awakening. It's mail fraud, and I contacted the Postal Investigator's office about it today. They were not amused, either. In fact, they take it pretty seriously.

Whoever did it did not consider that when I am pissed off, I do not back away from the problem. It will suck for them when they're facing federal investigators, trying to explain what exactly is funny about filing someone's mailbox with a bunch of magazines they didn't order and checking 'bill me later' boxes on each of them.

I have a feeling that this is not the end of the magazine situation. All I can think is that if the person thought it'd be funny to send my 12 and 15 year old kids porno mags, they'll be moved into another class of offender. And when they're caught, I'll be the one laughing...

***9/10/11 Today's mail brought five more invoices, one for the Fine Cooking magazine Chef has received, Two for Ed: Maxim and Motor Trend and two for me:Field and Stream and Romantic Country. In my digging online, I've found that we can file civil suits, that invoices totaling more than $300 combined in Florida constitutes grand theft and that sometimes, the perpetrators face charges from both local and federal authorities.

Another friend pointed me towards information from a study that states this time of crime is overwhelmingly committed by women. That leaves out my long-shot, who didn't have my address or my kid's names. I do have a likely person, but we'll wait to see what else the mail brings.

All I know is that the person who did this can't undo it, and if they're reading all the details here or on Facebook, I hope they realize that I am not joking when I say I will pursue this through as far as is needed.


Meghan said…
That's just crazy. I hope you find the person that did this!
That's horrible. I'm sure the post office will get to the bottom of this!

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