CND Shellac's Hotski to Tchotcke

At the beginning of the year, CND announced the Shellac line would have 50 colors to choose from by year's end. The palette last month had a whopping 18, with 6 more announced to launch in September. When I saw them pictured on another blog, I saw two colors that called out to me.

In a bit of a surprise, my lovely nail tech Katie emailed me a picture a few days ago of five of the six new colors, a full three weeks before the scheduled launch date. I'm wondering if the announcement that OPI is coming out with a full palette of UV gel colors has motivated CND to launch the new Shellac colors early. In any event, I was pretty sure that the new teal color, Hotski to Tchotchke was going to be on my nails as soon as it came out.

I have to say, I wavered for a moment when Katie showed me the purple. It's vibrant, it's iridescent and it definitely has pizzazz. Ultimately, though, my love of all things blue and aqua won out and this is what my nails looked like immediately after they were done:

It goes on sheer, so that's three coats, but I love this color. I'm so glad that the days of only wearing reds, corals, nudes or pinks are gone.

When I took pictures out in the sunlight later, the color and metal flake really stood out. Take a look:

(Disregard the shredded finger, a remnant of my stressing over that GRE!)

I got many compliments over the green I did for back to school, which was black pool topped with iced coral, but I suspect when the two weeks are up, this one will get more raves.

Keep the cool colors coming, CND, because I'll be happy to sport them!


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