Group Project Redux

The bane of a college student's experience is the dreaded 'group project.' I think I heard more than a couple of you groan in the peanut gallery. I was with you in the past, because the only two good groups I had in my undergraduate classes contained my friend Jessica, one of the hardest working students I know.

So, group projects. I hadn't had the best experiences with them prior to graduate studies, but I have to admit, they've worked out extremely well for me. In my Interactive Media class, I was paired with two very talented ladies who were understanding of my Jane situation and also very willing to allow me to do the writing part of our project. (me + writing = happy Suzanne).

In the other group, somehow, the four of us divided up the content we had to present in such a way that we all covered the material we gravitated towards all semester long. That group was fun and is directly responsible for the Season One 'Big Bang Theory' DVDs that are sitting on the table next to me that I haven't had the time to watch yet. (but I've seen enough clips on You Tube to know that I *will* enjoy this show.

Here we are, another semester and another group project. This time, it counts for half of my grade. Holy moly, Batman-HALF the grade! In the past, the professor selected the groups, based on student strengths and weaknesses identified in a self-assessment tool. He's now allowing students to self select groups, but all eleven of us were ambivalent, preferring him to review our information.

Instead, we had until last Friday to select, then he'd do the rest of the work. However, two groups of four selected their partners, which left three of us to form group three. I was a little concerned when I didn't get a reply from either partner, though one was out of the country for ten days.

After spending time working together in class tonight, I'm thinking we'll be a very good combination. C is a teacher, and we need one in our group. A is a graphic designer and her online portfolio is incredible. Each group needed a manager type, and I fit that bill, but tonight, we realized I provided something that the other two needed: a writer who likes to research. They both said they dislike writing, plus the homework for the week needs a little bit of research.

Until I started working again, I didn't realize that the Google skills I thought everyone has are not a common skill. Soooooo, here I am with two ladies who would prefer that I work my search engine magic for this assignment. Once again, a happy Suzanne.

I may have gotten the best group of all.


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