Halloween is Coming

Game Teen, while beyond the age of trick or treating, loves Halloween. The costumes, the ability to wear someone else's imaginative ideas, really tickles him like few things do in the everyday world.

Many months ago, he told me he had a costume in mind, and we discussed making it. Well, the time has gotten away from us, my sewing machine is buried in storage and I am woefully behind on schoolwork. I don't have time to cut, pin and sew an elaborate costume in time for this Halloween.

So I went on line and found quite a few suppliers of the costume in question. Several who will custom make a costume to his measurements, in fact. While about triple in price to a traditional store-bought item, the quality is far superior. I honestly don't expect him to grow much more than he has thus far, so shelling it out isn't going to be a case of spending more than I usually do for something that will see one year's use.

In looking for his, though, one of the suppliers offers full Ravenclaw gear, robes, quiddich uniform, scarves and everything for the smartest house at Hogwarts. It is rather tempting...


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