No, it's not the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything, it's the number of magazines the festering maggot idiot has bestowed upon my family. All I can say at this point is that the Postal Inspector is in receipt of copies of 27 of the invoices, the local Sheriff's department is also has those copies, as well as one of the original postcards and a card that is signed by our possible suspect.

One has to wonder how screwed up an individual must be to send this many magazines to one house, using different names in the process (GameTeen has apparently been adopted by people with another surname). How cowardly is a person, rather than tell us we ticked them off, to instead clog our mailbox and use the USPS in a passive-aggressive manner to show displeasure?

The sad part is that the federal government does not take kindly to the use of the postal system in this way. All the person had to say is "Suzanne, I'm pissed at you," though I cannot think of anyone that possibly could be that ticked at me. I signed an affidavit that I will press charges when the party is discovered, and I will. I have no control over what the USPS will do, though the articles I've read online give me the impression that they do not take these cases lightly. The ramifications of this go far beyond annoying me.

At this point, I'm just waiting for cards to show up to turn over to the police and these invoices to stop coming. I doubt either will end soon.


42 is also Jackie Robinson's number....and you know how harrassed he was! but he overcame and so will you.

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