Ruining a Good Thing

If you saw my post from yesterday, you probably wondered whether I'd forgotten what paragraphs are.

I didn't. Blogger did.

At their urging, I went into the new Blogger interface and typed a post. As the hour was late and I had schoolwork to do, I didn't review my posted content. This evening, I was surprised to find one big block o'text where my short paragraphs were in my text entry window yesterday.

It appears that the new posting box can either be 'compose' or 'html', and Blogger chose to default to HTML. Which is fine IF THEY TOLD ME ABOUT IT FIRST!!!


I know, I'm not prone to caps lock, but I dislike when something is defaulted to one different than the previous iteration. Just use the same dang default, or else notify people that the default method of entry has changed. At least I have half a clue about HTML now, which means I can code my posts myself. (but my
in the appropriate places did not take effect, so there are bugs.)

Let's see if this actually posts in the manner I've written it, since I toggled over to the 'compose' side...


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