Research Pays

I contacted four of the five contenders besides my current university, seeking information beyond what is posted on their (fairly comprehensive) websites. My main concern is that the cognate areas I want to cover will work together, and whether I am barking up the wrong tree as far as their focus.

Since Saturday, I've had email exchanges with three of them and have a phone appointment for one on Friday. It's been rather pleasant to discuss possibilities and know that the ideas I have are considered worthy of empirical research by more professionals in the field than the faculty I'm currently studying with.

Even if I stay right where I am, it's good to reach out and make contact with others in the field. One never knows when it will come in handy later, especially since the published articles that they've written are so interesting.

It would feel pretty cool if ten years from now, a prospective doctoral candidate felt the same after emailing me based on my published works. :)


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