CND Shellac Limeade

When I last visited my nail tech, Katie, she had all the new Shellac spring colors, which looked like Easter egg pastels. Since we were coming up on Valentine's day, I went with the Gelish red that I pictured earlier. That one wore extremely well and I will definitely revisit it.

This time around, I went for Limeade. In a first, it comes out with a lot more yellow undertone than you'd expect: I usually don't do well with those types of colors with my skin tone, but I have a shirt this exact shade-so I think it'll be fine for a couple of weeks. Katie has plans to do my fingers up like Easter eggs. Me, I'm not so sure. I have plans for dark green for St. Patrick's day and that won't come off my nails until 2 days before Easter. Maybe I can escape her plot!


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