I am an officer in an on-campus organization. Last fall, we had a party for our members that went so well, we wanted to have one each semester (well, we want to have more, but the budget for this year doesn't allow for it.) This time around, we invited another group to join us.

What's cool is that as people came in, I recognized about half of the guests, thanks to the shared classes we have. Three people are in my stats class, one is in my other class. Apparently, quite a few people I've met that are outside my organization are in the other one.

So, I knew a lot of them, then they showed that they like to party. My major professor's band played a lot of good tunes and they all were up and grooving. Definitely people you'd want to bring back.

As with my undergrad experience, getting involved with an organization appears to reap more rewards than just being in the group. In this situation, I got to know some classmates better, appear to have coordinated a study partner and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

When's the next one?


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