Morphing Prototypes

I am really enjoying my Tuesday night class this semester, and it made me realize how much I love being in courses in my major. Last semester was okay, this one has me pumped up. Apparently, the professor feels the same way. She was supposed to be covering it only for this semester, but four weeks in, she's talked to our department chair about keeping it permanently. Good deal.

So, tonight. We did rapid prototypes for our project. In my six-person group, we divided up the content into three areas and paired off to do them. Tonight, we presented them to the SME (Subject Matter Expert) who will be using them.

In the space of an hour, we presented prototypes, picked apart the ideas we liked from each-but we liked all of them, and we bandied about what method of delivery we'd use. The instructor was lobbying for a web page. I got the idea to create a course IN the product we're teaching about and that was all she wrote.

Now I'm really relieved, because coding is a ton harder than installing content into a learning management system. I know how to do that well, and coding is my weakest link. I'm happy with the direction we've headed in.


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