Delayed Reaction

Back in August, our first day of school was delayed by a hurricane. Rather, by the time it got to us, we had tropical storm Debby leave a ton of rain in her wake.

Anyway, my employer opened a second campus, and I sent an email to all of our instructors, asking for student information from the second location, so we could notify parents. I never got a response, but I did get us announced as a closed school on a couple of television stations, so it was fine.

Today, I got an email from one of those teachers that said "Are we really closed Monday? Here's the list of my students." Confused, I looked at the date and quickly noticed it was from August 26th! I responded to him that this email was very old and that no, we don't have the day off Monday. What I didn't notice is that he'd hit 'reply all', so EVERYONE got that email asking if we really were off Monday!

Yeah, there were some disappointed people when they realized that this was a five month old email...


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