Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

Please, if you are considering purchasing electronic devices, don't ever be swayed by the low price tag. This especially holds true when you are looking at a no name brand for a popular product. It will bit you in the rear.

Case in point: my employer bought several netbooks for $149 each. They thought these items were pretty good, the word is that a relative had one and liked it. However, one person using a machine like this here and there is NOT the same as eight groups of students accessing the device five days a week. They're cumbersome, the browser appearance is confusing to students who'd become familiar with Firefox and Chrome on a laptop and well, there are websites that aren't fully functional with a tablet type machine. Then you factor in the problems. There have been many. Two machines are stuck on the android splash page, and numerous rests will not resolve the issue. Two more now sputter and pop in a sound similar to a penny in a microwave-all while shorting out the display.

The students refuse to use them and are quite vocal with me about their displeasure. Hey, I didn't buy them, I wasn't even asked if they checked out as being a good idea. If it'd been my choice, I would have suggested fewer devices, but name brands (for instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tabs-Chef's phone is similar). When you're buying something that you intend to be used regularly, quality over quantity should be the rule.

Instead, we've been using these things for five weeks and half of them are toast...and I'm the one hearing the complaints all day, every day. Ugh.


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