Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

I've done it before, but when you have multiple iDevices, the shuffle never quite comes up the same. So, here are the first ten from the computer I'm typing my post on and commentary on them:

1.Whammy Kiss-B52s
The B's are forever my fun music. Last night, while we were cleaning up after the party, 'Rock Lobster' came on and I did my usual of singing Cindy's part as I went about my tasks. Love the B's.

2.You're My Best Friend-Straight No Chaser
I bought 'With a Twist' last year and have been quite pleased with their a capella versions of favorite songs. I just pre-ordered 'Under the Influence' this week, and that one will probably be in heavy rotation once it arrives.

3.The Great Escape/The Last of You//Falling From the Moon-Marillion
I actually was on YouTube earlier tonight listening to the whole 'Brave' album. It's one of Marillion's strongest concept albums. This is why we are planning our eventual trip to Europe around Marillion tour dates!

The other lead singer of Marillion, Fish. If you listen to both of these cuts back to back, you hear two very different, but still very progressive singers.

5.This Jesus Must Die-Jesus Christ Superstar
I still hear Tedd, our Caiaphas in the college production of JCS hitting those low notes without any efforts.
(the video isn't the 1970 recording, but it may be the best video I've seen of this)

6.Wall of Silence-October Project
The iMac may be stacked heavier with prog rock than any of my other devices, but that's a good thing. I love Mary Fahl's voice...

7. Sohran bushi-Chanticleer

One of the tracks from the Siren's Call CD I picked up at their performance a couple of weeks ago.
YouTube does not have a Chanticleer version of the song, but this is one of the closest I could find.
8. Waterfall Sounds for Sleeping

I use white noise to study, and this is one that has been played about 2,000 times between all the devices!

9. Strange Things-Randy Newman

This is the machine with the least Disney music on it, so it's a bit of a surprise that this showed up in the top ten!

10. Behind the Waterfall-David Lanz and Paul Speer

This is another studying favorite, with about 500 listens between devices. Those who have taken a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority may find this familiar.

Do you also get eclectic mixes when you do a shuffle?


I don't usually shuffle....but you should see what the genius playlist on my iPod looks like...

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