Gelish-Good Gossip

After a hiatus of far too long, I was able to go back to Katie and have my nails prettied up once again. While she had the newest CND Shellac shades in stock (the ones that aren't supposed to be out until March), I wanted to go with a bold red for Valentine's day. Of course, Katie had just the ticket-Gelish's Good Gossip.

I love this color, full of metal flake and a bold, red shade. In the sunlight, it really sparkles, something I prefer in the reds. My experience with the Gelish Magneto a while back was good, so I was not at all concerned with it chipping or flaking. Katie and I ended up talking about that, with me telling her that if she'd suggested an OPI Gelcolor, I might have hesitated. Those do not last two weeks with me, typically peeling and lifting. Gelish and Shellac hold up well, and I don't have to baby the nails to get two full weeks.

So, I'm back to having my pretty nails, and I am happy!


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