Amazon's Cloud Drive

There are a few CD's I've purchased that have been lent out and never returned, or I lost them and can't exactly replace them. Have you ever had that happen? It's darn frustrating, because you really don't want to shell out money a second time for something. (Witness the half dozen CDs on my iPod that prevent me from doing any IOS upgrades for fear of losing them.)

One of the discs that I seemed to have lost is a Straight No Chaser CD I bought from Amazon a few years ago, but today, I got an email from Amazon that all the CDs I've purchased from them over the years are now available on their cloud. What this means is that I can rip them to up to ten devices and have my music anywhere.

So far, I only see three CDs, but I think items are still being added-I am pretty sure I've purchased about 10 or 12 discs in the past five years. Still, I was quite happy to put that SNC disc back onto my iMac, and will add it to my iPad and phone shortly. Amazon allows you to rip things to ten of your devices. Typically, that won't apply to us, but there are a few things that we all will want copies of on our own players.

It kind of psyched me for my other SNC pre-purchase of an album that comes out in May, but in general, it means that I can buy something and not wait to have it on the iPad. Pretty darn cool!


JW said…
I haven't had any cd's lost but I did lend out a vhs tape that I never got back and I had a feeling it would happen when I did it. I don't remember the name of it but it was a documentary about music and it simply asked what is the message that is being sent out. The video was simply asking the viewer to examine what music they listened to and ask themselves what was the message it was sending out and did you agree with it.
I got the same email. I usually buy music as a download these days, not as a CD, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of CD's appear in my cloud drive.

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