I got a periodic IM message earlier today from one of the teens I am friends with on Facebook. However, it was intended to look that way, but it was not the child-it was his mother. Someone I am not friends with, but once was a FB friend.

How do I know?

The teen takes one tone with me. He never uses my name or Ed's name. Instead, he'll say 'Chef's dad' and with me, will go out of his way not to use my name directly. I get it-because I did that as a kid, too. However, the message I got used my first name, used Ed's first name and was phrased like things the mother had written to me in the past.

It just seems strange that the person can choose to contact Ed, with whom she still is FB friends, but she uses the son's account instead. I answered the questions 'the kid' messaged and boom, the messages stopped.

The other tell tale sign? She's sent messages that stated 'J took the boys to Target' from this account. The kid would say 'my brothers'. Strangely, those messages are no longer in my message history-as if she was trying to hide the fact that she'd used his account.

My mama raised a fool, but it wasn't me...


JW said…
Social media exposes the immaturity of some people. It even causes supposed adults to act as kids in their thinking. They it causes you to wonder if you should just expose them for the deception they are or just leave them alone to their own foolishness.

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