Nice to Feel Wanted

I switched to a part-time schedule at my job in preparation of taking a second part time job in my career field. However, while the funding came through for that role, they also got funding for a full time job-that I am in the process of interviews to possibly take instead. As I'd already given two week's notice of reducing my hours, I kept the plan and have been using the time to study.

The colleagues I am closest to expressed their dismay, as it is nice to have a coworker to laugh with when things get crazy during our days (which they will, without fail). What I didn't expect is that I open the gmail client each day and I get messages from several other members of staff "Are you here today?" before I even change my status on there!

If I get this full time job, I should prepare for the pouting, because they're already telling me how much I am wanted on the days I am not there...


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