Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

The Grammys are on, and I'm not watching. Most of it is irrelevant to me, though this year was good for some standout songs and artists. The awards seemed to lean more towards artists who have spent their time paying their dues, rather than the flash in the pan groups who might be gone in a year or two. This is good.

One song that may have been played ad nauseum is Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know", a sparsely produced piece that has impressed me with the quality of the musicianship. To do something so simple, you have to be good. I've listened to more of Gotye's work and while it has fuller instrumentation, the inability to really pigeonhole the music appeals. However, that first song I heard is quite evocative of someone else I listened to often.

Tell me if you hear similarities. Gotye
Johnny Clegg

No, they're not carbon copies, but to me, these two songs have a very similar feel, despite being very different in the tales in the lyrics.

And you?


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