Frustrations and Fun

I planned on volunteering at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Today, I went over to Disney property to pick up my volunteer packet, only to spend 15 minutes to make a left turn into the resort where I was to pick it up. Then, I spent another five minutes waiting to move forward, only to hear "Oh, we'll help you to make a U-turn. You need to drive to Downtown Disney to take a bus to come back here." This was even with a handicapped placard.

Yeah, I'm not driving 20 to 30 minutes to the other side of property (depending on traffic), to wait 20 minutes for a bus that will take 20-30 minutes to drive back to the resort-then have to do the same thing all over again. At this point, I doubt I will waste the gas to drive 45 minutes over to Disney to go through that tomorrow. I'd love to volunteer, but that's ridiculous-waste three hours minimum out of my day because you didn't arrange packet pick up at a resort that has enough parking for the anticipated traffic?

How about you? How much would you think is acceptable?

At least I had plans for a secret shop in the area about an hour later. For that, I met up with the friend who was responsible for us spending a day in Clermont when the blizzard of 2002 covered Northern Virginia and Maryland with three feet of snow, effectively keeping us in Florida for another three days. She had built a house down here, hadn't moved yet, and we spent a day over there, which succeeded in Ed getting his way-we moved to Florida.

It had been far too long since we'd talked in person and it was nice to catch up. At least it undid the annoyance at Disney, but probably not enough to make me want to spend three hours over there tomorrow...


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