CND Shellac Azure Wish with CND Additives

In the time that I wasn't getting my bi-weekly manicures, CND came out with several blue and green shades that I have been working my way through. The last manicure featured Pretty Poison, the one before that Limeade. I just saw a layering of the two that makes a nice Kelly green. That idea is getting tucked away for next St. Patrick's day.

Meanwhile, on the blue front, there was Azure Wish (nice nod to Princess Bride, IMO) and Midnight Swim to try. Fortunately, my nail tech knows my love for the blue, green, and purples, and she stocks them as soon as they come out. This time around, it was Azure Wish, but I mentioned to Katie that I thought it needed a little more pizzazz, like maybe a layer of Zillionaire. This was while texting back and forth to change my appointment time to a day earlier (several clients asked for mani-pedis when they'd just booked the manicures.). She even played around with my layering suggestions on her sample nails and sent me pictures.

When I got there for my appointment, though, the CND effects powders were out from working with the previous client and Katie suggested using one of those. We looked at the white before going for the silver glitter. That combo really appealed and off we went.

Ed says it looks like I'm ready to go clubbing. Not quite, but I love the sparkle the Effects lend to the color. Considering how much blue and teal tops I own, this one will complement what I wear nicely for the next few weeks.


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