So Many Choices

It has been quite some time since I've held a job with benefits. Like, five years ago, in fact.

The thing is, most of my employers in retail gave you one, maybe two options for health insurance. Dental was offered by most, but it was a take it or leave it plan. Vision wasn't covered by all, but I worked for higher end specialty for my last four employers, so it was covered. Heck, it was a big deal that three of them offered chiropractic and extended podiatric care-most retailers didn't.

Now, I'm in a benefited quasi state job, so I get most options through the state, then a few that are unique to my employer. Then a few more because of my employment category. No more 'you're this, so you either get this or that, take it or leave it.' Instead, the majority of the calls I'm getting at work are people who want to help me with my enrollments.

Disability. Cancer plan. Dental-HMO, PPO (tier one or two), or Catastrophic? Retirement. There are more, but I was able to figure out most of it on my own after having to guide others before. The disability rep and I had an online session in which I logged into their website and we shared the screen to do my enrollment. That one is important to me, knowing that I have 'when, not if' surgeries in my future. Fortunately, I was able to tell the rep, this is what I was looking for, this is what I found in your website and I think they're the same. They were.

Today, it was the retirement rep. That one, I was at a total loss as to what I have, because there were three options. It ends up I am eligible for all three. We met at my office and she gave me a brief overview. That was good, my first question was 'vesting?' as means to cut down my choices. I'm not going with a plan that requires me to be there ten years, especially when I don't think we'll be in Florida after I graduate. Another question was portability. Then another was employer contribution trends. All of the questions helped me to rule out one, and of the two remaining, pretty much have one decided.

However, I have 60 days to enroll-and the state legislative session ends a week before that. I think I'll hold off just a little while longer.

But, my phone will probably be ringing to schedule more information sessions between now and then...


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