CND Shellac Tutti Frutti plus Purple Effects

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...

At least that's the way I feel, every time I look at my nails. The color looks really good, but it really is NOT me at all. I liked the way it looked on Katie's toes, and well, after the fantastic job she did on my nails with Azure Wish and the glitter Effects, I had not a clue of what I wanted this time.

This is what I have now:

What I did not consider is the items in my wardrobe that aren't in the blue/green/purple palette. I went to put on a red shirt today and it clashed. Then a salmon colored shirt and the same deal. Soooo, the next three weeks will be spent planning ahead, instead of grabbing the top shirt of the pile when I get dressed in the morning!


Elaine Alicea said…
Eh don't worry about matching polish. Yeah I know some who match for one day with like a special event, otherwise we all pick what we want to wear based on what is in our closet - not what is on the nails. A nice hot pink is a great accent color to quite a lot of blues :)

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