The Plan for the iPad Comes to Fruition

When we got Ed his iPad nearly two years ago, I wouldn't touch it, lest I get the gimmes. Awesome husband that he is, though, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday a few months later and without hesitation, I asked for my own iPad.

Mine gets used more by the kids than me, but that doesn't mean I don't use it. I have textbooks, journal articles and a few fun things for me. (I prefer playing Song Pop on it, over the computer or phone). While teaching, it was used to occupy one student who wasn't keeping up with his peers in the computer class, and another student who couldn't use the computers because they triggered seizures.

When I asked for it, I told Ed that there would come a time when I'd need to develop content on it. It wouldn't be right away, but eventually, the materials I created would also be created for iPads. I felt it'd be better if navigating it was second nature, rather than learning a new device and new software.

Today, my stated purpose became reality. One of the colleges I create content for has purchased iPads for all their incoming students, and their content will be delivered on iPads. I need to develop and test on one. My department has one, but I like the idea that I have my own to do this.

Sometimes, I'm right-it just takes a while for things to catch up.


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