When, Not If

Blood Clots. The bane of my existence.

In 2006, my vascular surgeon told me that I was on my last strike-the next one would mean lifetime blood thinners. In my case, that means either Heparin or Lovenox, because I'm one of those freaks who metabolizes Coumadin in a strange way.

Then, right after my hysterectomy in 2009, I got a blood clot-and a pass. We both agreed that my lack of activity post op and the abdominal surgery were responsible for that one. So, I've been on my last strike for over three years.

All things considered, my surgeon is probably stunned that I've gone this long. I moved to Florida with a clot and saw him within a week of moving here permanently. For a long time, I was in his office weekly.

A few weeks ago, I noticed the signs. A warm spot on my leg, the colder of the two (thanks to RSD, my left leg is 10 degrees colder than my right). Pain upon touch, and skin changes. I made a quick call to Nurse M, who agreed.

At that time, there wasn't a pebble like lump. But we knew it was coming. Problem is, there really isn't a way to stop the progress, only slow it down with heat and compression. I was doing the heat part, but compression is rough with RSD. Nurse M suggested a lower weight compression, and I ordered it.

The stocking showed up today, one day after the pebble in my leg appeared. Oh well, we knew this plan wasn't going to turn back the progression.

Sooo, back to blood thinners for me. I'm wondering if this will be my fifth strike and no out...


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