Tooth Rescue

So, my tooth is salvageable. I got some minor treatment done to it, then a bondo-type substance-and a quote for a crown to top it all off. Ooof, it will be rather expensive.

I drove to the walk in dentist (an hour away) and was patient number 3-when they only take two. The first two were a couple who, between them, had FIVE broken teeth! They'd been trying to be the first two for a week, so this morning, they got there at 6am. Instead, I called around to other places that take emergency patients. One in Brooksville (2 hours away) had an opening. Thankfully, I found one here in town and they could take me in 45 minutes!

As I mentioned yesterday, my dentist in NY was incredible. Any dentist that comes after has big shoes to fill, but the office I went to today had very friendly staff, a great dental assistant and the dentist was rather pleasant. This emergency helped me to find our permanent office, because it felt just right. They are 20 minutes from home-and they do sedation dentistry, which is a must for GameTeen.

Interestingly, they thought I'd be in a ton of pain, but I wasn't. The novocaine shots were minor, and he apologized for what should have been painful, but wasn't. Perhaps the neck pain for years made this seem minor in comparison. We shall see, when I inevitably have dental work down the road.


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