I Guess 30 Years is Good

For a root canal to last! About half my tooth decided to make a break for it today during my lunch. The sad part is-I didn't even realize it until later!

It has been mentioned here before that my orthodontist kept the same bands on my teeth for six years. Many of my friends were getting theirs taken off for twice yearly cleaning, but mine stayed on through it all. Within days, one tooth disintegrated while eating an ice cream sandwich-a very soft ice cream sandwich at that.

I spent a lot of time in the dentist's chair after those braces came off. Fortunately, Steve was good. Really good at what he did. Long after I moved to Maryland, I made twice yearly trips to my NY dentist, which he used to full advantage when patients would complain about their 10 mile drive. There were quite a few root canals performed between my junior and senior year of high school.

Steve told me a long time ago that the normal root canal shouldn't last as long as mine had-when I had one replaced about 15 years ago. This one went another fifteen beyond that. My dental insurance drought ends May first, so this is probably going to be expensive. I don't think it's salvageable, so it'll probably get yanked tomorrow at the walk-in dentist-and I'll continue to get some recommendations on who to see about getting a crown or implant. Yay.


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