Things You'll Want When You're Presenting At An Academic Conference

Well, the first one is under my belt! The poster presentation was a lot busier, but there was a lot of good interaction with the people who were there.

So, the things that make things run smoothly?

Print out your materials ahead of time.
(I did this, but my professor made some last minute modifications, so we had to print out new slide outlines.)

Make sure you have all that you need to hook up to the AV equipment on site. Unless you're presenting at Apple, this means you want an Apple A/V dongle for your iPad or your MacBook.

Oh, speaking of-the Apple remote does not work with a MacAir, but it does with a MacBook Pro. However, I don't like to stand behind a podium, so I'll be getting one of these before I present again.

Another thing that a group mate suggested is a power strip with a long cord. I have the one pictured for my light kit, but if you have electronics to support your display, do NOT assume that the power outlet is near your booth/table!

Meanwhile, I have this for travel, but it may be a good idea if you're in sessions all day and need to keep that iPad charged- a Trent external battery pack.

Oh and for your poster displays, having this in your bag can be quite handy, too. Let's just say that I have it for die cuts and it hasn't left my bag yet, which came in handy for affixing our poster to a presentation display.

So, if you're the TSA person scanning my checked bag when I take this presentation on the road (as my professor urges us to do with this one), these things are important to make sure my presentation goes well!

And all I was missing today was the dongle, which I quickly secured from our tech people. :)


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