Two Semesters Down

Approximately 10 semesters left to go!

I've said to several people that this semester's group was the best experience I have ever had. We all played to a strength, which for me was a little strange because I didn't do most of the writing. Instead, I went for the video production, which is a lot of fun.
The work was mostly completed, except for the final paper. One of my group mates has been awesome at keeping on top of it throughout the semester and another is a strong writer. All I had to contribute was one component, a summary of our research methodology and the processes we used in designing the product.

The group met online together in a Google doc (which we've done several times in the past, but during the class session). In two hours, I wrote my section while others tweaked theirs, we used Google chat to confer with each other as a group and decided that we were DONE for the semester. It was kind of cool to have the semester wrap up as a group, a first for me.

If the opportunity came about to work with these five people again, I would do it without hesitation. Each brought something to the table with no drama.

Based on where I stand right now, taking two classes a semester, I have ten to go. It is truly a marathon, as one of my professor frequently states. If they are like this one, it'll be a lot of work at a decent pace, one that is definitely manageable.

Other than the one group mate who graduates Saturday, I wonder if I'll be able to recruit one or more of them into another group project?


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