Apparently, April Showers Bring Tornadoes

Last year, when I was considering doctoral programs and had a few serious conversations from a school in Tornado Alley, I did not give the school more consideration because tornadoes are the one weather situation I will do my best to consciously avoid. I grew up with blizzards and hurricanes, weather events you know about well in advance and can do *some* amount of preparation for. Yep, earthquakes and tornadoes are things I will try my best to not encounter.

Yet, in the past couple of years, we've had quite a few tornado warnings, had some touch down within five miles of home and generally, because this state is Kansas flat, seem to be in a trend to have them more. Oh, goody.

However, there is something to help prepare and it is one of the BEST apps you can get for you phone. Storm Shield It functions like a weather radio, going off when an alert includes your zip code or general area. You can even set it to the local zip code when you're traveling, too.

I got it after participating in one our local meteorologist's chat sessions during Tropical Storm Debby last year and am glad I've spent the money each time it goes off. It has gone off while I was teaching classes, while I'm in classes myself, or in the car-situations where I might not be aware of impending severe weather.

So, while I might not like tornadoes, at least I have some warning that the conditions for one are occurring. If you don't have this app on your phone, click that link above and spend the few bucks for piece of mind.


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