Shellac, Tutti Fruitti Layered

Pink is not a favorite color of mine. I think I overdosed on it in the '80's and '90's, then the final nail in the coffin for pink was six years of looking at princess merchandise working for Disney. The fact that Shellac comes in many colors that aren't pink have really endeared me to the product line.

 In fact, when I walked into my appointment this morning, Katie took one look at my shirt (product review coming Monday) and assumed I was going for Hotski to Tchotchke. No, I was going radical. (Well, for me, anyway.)

 Tutti Fruitti was just a little too pink, but I mentioned to Katie that I owed it to those who visit the blog for my pictures to add something I haven't worn before. She suggested layering Beau over the Tuttie Frutti to tone it down a bit, then showed me a nail mock up (I don't know what those things are called) and I liked it.




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