Reececliff Restaurant, Lakeland

When you live in a town like Lakeland, you're likely to find many restaurants that have been around forever. Like, Reececliff for instance, which has been around for over 70 years. Heck, the pie baker, Jeanette, has been making pies for over fifty years. You don't find many places that can make that kind of claim.  Ed and I went here for lunch sometime last year and we both were impressed with the way the wait staff knew the names of almost everyone coming through the doors. It's like Cheers, but without the bar.

So, this morning, I wanted to do some reading for a class, I wanted to do so where there was no WiFi to tempt me away from the 758 page textbook/PDF I have loaded on the iPad and I didn't want fast food. Since I was shooting some preliminary video for a class project on Lake Hollingsworth nearby, it made sense to come to this Lakeland establishment.

Like I said, Cheers without a bar, even though there is a counter that people can belly up to. You walk in and usually seat yourself in either side of the large dining room. It's large, and can probably get very noisy when all the tables are occupied, but I came after breakfast rush and the sound level was fine.

Each table has a dish full of half and half cups, so they must do brisk business in coffee-but I wanted something cold. Fresh brewed iced tea and lemons were delivered to me quickly and I have to say, I'm a fan. It's not overly sweet, the way I prefer it. Both servers were friendly and efficient, too.

The back of the menu features side items, with grits prepared several different ways.

They serve the usual breakfast fare, but since I don't care for eggs, I went for a Belgian waffle with bacon. I wanted something that I can't make at home and it sounded really good. They did not disappoint, as it was crispy, had a nice light flavor of malt and came with a small pitcher of warm syrup. In fact, the server warned me to be careful of the hot syrup. The bacon was cooked to a perfect crisp, was salty and not the slightest bit greasy, which was a perfect balance for the sweetness of the syrup.

For about the same price as a breakfast at Bob Evans, Denny's, or Cracker Barrel, I got a good meal in pleasant surroundings with good service. Remind me to go back and try that lunch menu again! Reececliff Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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