New Roles

In all the group projects I've done, it has always fallen to me to do the writing and editing. This is my strength, I really enjoy doing it, and it seems almost everyone is happy that they don't have to do it.

This semester, though, when the time came to compile our group project first draft, someone else stepped up to the plate. Since I was up to my eyeballs in work for the class from hell, I wasn't about to complain. She's an excellent writer, and she's probably been like me, the designated writer.

So, my role is a little different this semester. The course is for all Education majors, not just my specialty, so we have students who haven't had other tech-based classes. L (the writer) and I are, and have offered up ideas on how to present the project to the class.

I realized a couple of weeks ago that a year in, I really have a good grip on most of the things used in the industry and they're well-used tools in my arsenal now. The suggestion was made to present in Camtasia or Captivate, then I realized that I needed to mock up a unique Powerpoint slide to use with our product.

Except for creating the slide, it's old hat, but the slide creation is pretty cool. In the past, the graphic designer on the team got to create. It's fun, and I may just switch roles in the future!


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