I've mentioned before that I work for a secret shopping agency.  They're local, I've met the owner in person (which is how I eventually applied for the job) and for the past four years, I've enjoyed the occasional work it brings.

This month, one of my assignments was to do a health club shop.  The company gave me a membership, they're okay with my exercise limitations and I pick a class that I reasonably can do.  Except that when I scheduled it for the beginning of the month, I ended up with a conflict, so we went for a date near the end of the fiscal month.

That was this morning.  I couldn't cancel out, because there is no time to reschedule.

Even though this was a modified workout for people with mobility limitations, and I did what I could and avoided what I shouldn't, I am sore.  Really sore.

I wish there had been a yoga class instead!  At least those, the soreness seems to be relieved with gentle movement, like the yoga positions themselves.


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