Food Quirks

For someone who writes a lot about food, where I eat and what I cook, I realized that I haven't ever mentioned my food quirks. This came to mind when deciding what to eat at Fat Jack's, knowing that the expected side to a club sandwich is fries.

Yes, I like fries, just not a lot of them.  Heck, if they're fresh cut, I even like those cold.  So I don't see the point in ordering a side of them, only to leave most on the plate when I'm done.  The only way that finishing my fries might happen is if there is a side of barbeque, brown gravy, sour cream or tsitsiki sauce to dip them in.

Which leads to the next quirk:  I hate ketchup.  Give me anything else tomato based, and I am all over it.  Insalata caprese?  Bruschetta?  Marinara sauce?  BLT?  Sign me up, but the pureed condiment is not one of my favorites.  Guess it's a good thing I didn't go to a NY Public school where it was served as a vegetable.  (the Long Island school districts didn't seem to have the same approach.)

While we're on condiments, Miracle Whip is not the same as mayo and I'd rather have a dry sandwich than Miracle Whip.  Yes, I know they have commercial airing currently that most people who say they hate Miracle Whip have never tried it, but my mom's coupon clipping days brought a free jar to us every few months, just long enough for me to forget that tuna salad is HORRIBLE when made with that stuff.  Hellmann's, Duke's, Best's or even the Publix store brand is fine-but if it says 'salad dressing', it is not the same!

Eggs are another thing that surprise people.  If they are a component of a recipe (like a cake or bearnaise sauce), I am fine.  Omelets, scrambled, over easy-you can have them.  This actually has been something that the menfolk in my life adore about going out to breakfast with me-they get my eggs.

See, if you order a la carte items anywhere for breakfast, the meal typically costs two dollars more than if you order the same things with the eggs.  So, if I'm alone, I'll tell the server to 86 the eggs, but if Ed or GameTeen are with me, they get eggs.  (Chef shares my dislike)

I love the flavor of mushrooms, but hate the rubbery texture.  I'll end up chopping them very fine to use in food, because I want the flavor.  Love peas, hate pea soup.  Actually, I did an unscientific study of that a long time ago and found that 80% of the population likes one or the other. 

Pork and Beans are nasty, but Boston style baked beans are awesome.  My favorite comfort food breakfast involves crispy corned beef hash and baked beans on top of a toasted English muffin.    I know it as a Navy breakfast, because it's what my dad had in the Navy and it was a frequent Sunday breakfast when I was little.  Meanwhile, my stepdad was in the Army and ate so much creamed chipped beef that he never wanted to see it ever again.  (That's another breakfast I adore.)

Mounds and Almond Joys are great, but I don't like coconut.  Figure that one out.

Sweet cole slaw is something I won't eat, but if it's a mustardy/savory batch, count me in.  In fact, Ed and I end up trading off on slaw-I'll take a bite and determine if it's his or mine to eat.

I drink my tea with lemon, and my coffee needs a lot of cream, but those aren't that quirky.

What about you?  What things do you eat that people raise their eyebrows at?


LOL I am with you on the eggs. At Denny's this morning Drew got my scrambled eggs, I enjoyed my pancakes. In fact, unless they are hard boiled, I won't eat eggs unless I cover them in ketchup.
Before I got serious about losing the baby weight, Nutella and peanut butter got me the side-eye. And rightly so.

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