This is supposed to be the hand that does everything.

With the Chiari, the right side is weak.  Even when it isn't in pain, the right side does not like repetitive  tasks, like doing laundry.  It's the side that has most of the neck and shoulder pain, had all but one of my wrist surgeries, the one that my neurologist spends the most time checking for nerve damage.

So when the left side starts displaying the tingling and numbness, I start to worry.  Especially when I'm doing laundry, because the right isn't there to help. 

I will say this-it is strange to watch your fingers type on an iPhone keypad, know your fingers are touching it and seeing the letters show up (with quite a few typos, though), yet not feel the phone under the fingers.

To say it's disconcerting would be an understatement.



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