CND's Shellac-Gold VIP Status with Pretty Poison

St. Patrick's Day nails or USF nails? You decide. I thought I'd get green nails for St. Paddy's day, but then realized that by getting them done on Friday afternoon, hardly anyone would see them until after the 17th. When I walked in, Katie showed me her plans for my USF nails to go with my new job. At least this means that she wasn't going to try to get me to do Easter egg nails!

I have to say, once again, Shellac did an awesome job lasting three weeks. The last few days, it was noticeable that I needed a new manicure, only because of the new growth-but that was just me noticing it. A girl complimented me on my nails Thursday and was stunned that I'd been wearing chip free polish for three weeks. Good product and a fantastic nail tech will make it happen, time after time.

Unless I get swayed, I'll probably be getting Azure Wish next time. I'm plotting out some other colors-and contemplating making Katie some nail stencils with the new Cameo. The only question is what shapes to make...


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