The Velcro Cat

Those of you with cats can probably relate to my week. Normally, I am the cat's preferred hooman. He likes Ed and Chef just fine, but if I am home, he's got to be near me for some part of the day. Most days, if I'm working at my desk, he's on the other side of the king bed. As long as I'm in sight, he's okay. Leave the room, and he follows.

However, if I am up to my ears in work and approaching a deadline, say a mid term or something like that, he is up in my face and rather mouthy. He will meow at me from 4 feet away, a mournful 'you haven't pet me in ten minutes' meow, but he won't move closer until I pat the bed for him to come up. Then he comes up and paws at my shoulder until I take him into my lap.

We sit like that for a while, then he leaves and sits on whatever book I happen to be working from. Twenty minutes later, it starts all over again. Good thing he's cute.

For the past two nights, he has slept ON my legs, which is a new thing, because he will sleep on the middle part of the bed below mine or Ed' feet. Nope-on my legs.

As if he hadn't had enough of me, he then proceed to take up the center of my chaise for a while today, too. Then when I started to spread out my SAS printouts and documents, he protested and moved to the top of the chaise above my head.

I took my mid term tonight, and turned in the take home portion, which means I am on Spring Break. Where is the cat?

The other side of the bed, silent.

He'll ramp it back up when the next deadline is before me. After all, it's his job, right?


Oh yeah, he's a cat...

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