Ya Gotta Have Friends

One thing I am quite thankful for in my life is having some wonderful, nearly life-long friends. In addition to those I've known for 25+ years (including Ed, friend for quite a few years first), I've made some cherished friendships over the years and miles along my life's journey. This is one of those things that will always be important to me.

Even better is that still in my life is a friend from many of the jobs I've held. Sometimes the work really sucked, but the relationships with my coworkers made them tolerable. Thankfully, it has been quite some time since I had a soul-sucking job, but still, work friends definitely are the cherry on top of even the best jobs. Maybe I'm really lucky in that I walked into the last two jobs having at least one friend, and I'm about to walk into another with a friend.

I half-joked this week about having a time turner to maintain both jobs. The kids are great, the job is fun, but I definitely have the cherry on top with a few friends I've made in my tenure as a teacher and it'd be cool if I could take one or two along with me on my new journey-but I know that at least one of them will be around for a long time. We already have plans for a standing lunch date, and that is something that I consider sacrosanct.

It'll probably be even better when we don't have to say 'sorry, I've got a class to teach-we'll talk later'!


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