Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring Training

Tuesday, I tried to drive to the post office on my way home from work-and spent 10 minutes trying to go a quarter mile within a half mile of the post office.

Wednesday, I asked the kids if they wanted to go out to dinner. Typically, 8pm on a Wednesday night is when you can find a half-filled restaurant, which is why finding a full restaurant like it was 7pm on a Saturday was odd.

Tonight, we went to dinner to celebrate my new job, and struck out on my first, second, third and fourth choice. I was clutching at straws-every place was excessively packed, including the good Chinese buffet on the other side of town that can seat about 500!

Such is life in a town that hosts Spring Training. The next month will bring some minor inconveniences and some changes to routine.

However, one thing is true: this is the time to enjoy our local gems, the independent restaurants. Where we ended up wasn't too busy, we were seated immediately, and it was darn good. I suspect we'll be giving the local guys more business this month, as the major chains are getting all the Tigers fans!

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