Where is the Progress?

If you hadn't gathered from the blog posts over the years, I'm a huge advocate for gay rights. From the time I was a kid, my parent's gay friends, then my gay classmates in high school and college, to the gay community that welcomed me and the first husband (and later, Ed) into their fold, a person's sexuality had no bearing on whether they would be a friend.

Recently, someone I know called a friend the 'F' word for someone who is homosexual. The party who used it thought it was funny, and didn't see how rude and hurtful it was. To me, it is no different than using the 'R' word or the 'N' word, but the party who used it probably thinks those terms are okay to use, too.

They're not. Words cut deep. It doesn't even matter the person's sexuality, the term is unacceptable.

My opinion had been that kids coming out today have an easier time, they don't have to be closeted. Then I realized, if their peer group is still using that 'F' word to insult someone, maybe it isn't. Have we made no progress in 30 years?

When does it end? Where is the progress?


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