Settling In

I've been picture heavy the past few days, finally putting on the blog what I stated I'd do at the beginning of the year. :)

Monday was an all day orientation and yesterday morning was spent learning about benefits, but I got to my office in the afternoon and hit the ground running. My boss was headed out of town for two days, and we spent 20 minutes going over what she needed me to do. She then gave me access to the stuff I needed to do-and I finished my portion in two hours instead of two days.

Part of the reason she'd been bugging me to come work for her for the past nine months is that she knows I'm a quick study, but it was a little surprising to me that I blew through things at that pace. Granted, the next three things on my to-do list will probably take up the next two days.

I was asked to go to lunch with most of my department. They go out to eat most days, and they really, really like sushi. I got the tempura, because the smallest plate of sushi had many more pieces than I would eat in one sitting. It looked really good, though, so I may just eat what I want and store the rest in the fridge at work to bring home.

The afternoon really flew by and the next thing I knew, it was 5pm and I needed to go across campus to help a friend study for this weekend's comps. While going over what the research question typically looks like, we talked about my dissertation plans. She wants to help me with creating the computer based content, which makes me very happy-we've done group work successfully in the past.

So far, so good. Now, what do I bring to the potluck next week?


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