Outlet Shopping

Yesterday, we made a spur of the moment decision to visit some outlets in Orlando. The kids need clothes, and despite getting a bunch of Old Navy shirts while out with a friend this week, they needed pants. Darn kids, they keep growing. Heck, Chef is just about taller than me again. (Yes, again-thanks to surgery, I gained about an inch to an inch and a half in height.)

The first store we happened into was the Vera Bradley Outlet. I think I surprised Ed in that I didn't pick up a half dozen purses, especially since everything in the store was half off. No, I chose one bag and a few items for my desk at work. I didn't realize that Ed wasn't at the register with me-he opted to buy me a pen set I'd put down because I said didn't need two. Apparently, I do!

Meanwhile, our boys have different tastes in pants. GameTeen wears mostly jeans and jean shorts, Chef refuses to wear any denim. Our goal was to get him some. We struck out at Levis, had a mini-meltdown at Vans and then Ed spied the Lucky jeans outlet. I don't think Ed knew much about them, but we went in and he and Chef liked what they saw before checking out the price tags.

Chef tried on, Chef liked, Mom bought. Hey, I figure if I spend over $100 for two pairs of jeans he will actually wear, then it is money well spent. Besides, they looked really good on him and are definitely in line with Chef's personal style.

Considering that he hates Hollister, Abercrombie and most of the other stores, I'm probably getting off really cheap in the long run.


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