Delivered By FedEx, No Wait, by USPS

I have a package that was sent to me on February 19th and I still haven't received it yet. Four things were ordered last week, and I have one of them-three are still 'in transit' or 'delivery exception' status. Why? Because online companies are not forthcoming with exactly WHO they use as their delivery company.

First up, the item shipped on the 19th. That was a deal from Nomorerack, and they do not allow you to put a Post Office box as an address. I get NO mail at my house, thanks to the 700+ magazine invoices that have arrived since September, 2011. Silly me, I assumed that if they wouldn't allow a PO box, that meant that this company would use UPS or FedEx Ground to deliver the package, because they only deliver to street addresses. Wrong. That package is missing, they can't trace it and they tell me I'm supposed to wait 7-10 business days. Hello, I contacted you on day 15! Their 'track your package' feature sends you to UPS's site, but the fact that UPS can't track it (and that little 'partnered with USPS' tag) tells me it is with the Post Office somewhere, probably on its way back to Nomorerack

Next, Amazon. If I use Amazon Prime, their items come through UPS. I ordered an item that was coming from an outside vendor and placed the order with the house address, but immediately contacted them with a question about how they ship items, explaining that if they us US Mail, please let me know to change my address on the order (you can do this prior to shipping.) The next morning at 9am, my item showed shipped-but I never heard from them. Now, it's showing as a delivery exception, which means it got sent back. I don't usually have things sent to the PO box, because if it's delivered through UPS, that adds three days to the delivery timeframe.

Then, I ordered clothing online. Last time I ordered from this company online, I still was getting mail to the house-but the package came FedEx Ground. Their website even features the FedEx logo prominently. So, tonight, when it showed me this:

'Final Delivery by USPS', you can understand why I'm just a little frustrated. Digging on the Avenue website, I found that this is their usual way of doing business-but they only show FedEx on the shipment options. Unfortunately, we lost the Avenue store in my town a couple of months ago, so online is where I go to buy dress pants for work that I like.

Is it too much to ask companies to disclose this information up front, so that those of us who use PO Boxes can plan accordingly? I know that at this point, the message that I should wait 7-10 days, when I didn't contact them until day 15 doesn't inspire me to buy from Nomorerack again, especially since I'm prevented from entering a PO Box as my shipping address. As for Amazon, I think I'll hesitate to buy from vendors through their site-just the 'fulfillment by Amazon' items will get my business. As for Avenue, I'm waiting on a response-we'll see what they have to say. I'm sure I can find other sources for clothing for work (and as I continue to lose weight, I'll probably find more of a selection I like locally.)

Let's see if that other item that shows as being in Jacksonville arrives on Monday-or has another 'delivery exception'...


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