I Haz Skillz

As I sat in Stats class tonight before class began, I found a message from my boss "Can you do Frequency Distribution tables in Excel?" The question was amusing, because she took Stats 2 last year. I responded yes, I can, but it might be easier in SAS.

Seems our college came to her this afternoon with this request for Monday. She is inundated with work, so it is understandable that she asked if I could do it. The rest of our team has M.Eds or MAs, and statistics courses usually aren't part of our realm. So, I expect to be calculating data tomorrow for a portion of the day.

The funny part is that tonight's lecture may have made more sense if it was in that African clicking language. It was about partial and semi-partial regression analysis and boy, did it confuse me. It was only after we'd spent two hours on it that the professor revealed 'well, I don't want you to consider using this for analyzing your data, but you do need to know this.' At least I have my frequency distribution tables to show I have half a clue about statistical interpretation.


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