International Day

Caribbean food for lunch, Indian for dinner, what else would you call it?

While there are plenty of places to eat on campus, there are no dining places in the immediate vicinity of my office, so I have to leave. (What's kind of sad is that a place they took us to during orientation and I really liked, is on the opposite side of our pretty large property). So, that means I will explore for a while.

I didn't feel like the places I'm familiar with, and spied Jerk Pit and got a jerk pork salad. It was decent,but I've had much better jerk foods before. The weird thing, and I don't know if it's me: if the seasoning is off, maybe a bit too bitter, I notice I have this overwhelming urge to have chocolate after eating some jerk foods. Could that be a defense mechanism to coat the bitter?

For dinner, I have a standing date with a former coworker, and we went back to Cafe Roti. This time, I went for an old favorite, the Korma, but with beef. That sauce is so flavorful and delicate, I was very happy to have picked it again. It is one of Ed's local favorites, so I texted him and asked if he wanted me to bring some home-he got some lamb vindaloo.

It's going to take a while to find more places, but I've got Greek, German, Indian, Thai and more within a 10 minute drive. I suspect I'll be filling up my Urban Spoon account with many more reviews!


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